† Facebook Ads & WordPress Hosting are additional charges for the add-on services. They require the purchase of the CRM and are not offered as stand-alone products.

Phone, SMS/Text Charges

Our system is set up for rebilling of used minutes beyond included credits at the following rates for SMS/Text messaging services.

Making Calls via System Receiving Calls Via System Text Message Charges
$0.021/min $0.0128/min $0.0119 / Segment*

* An SMS is comprised of segments, and each segment is 160 characters long. So if you are sending a lengthy SMS, it will consume multiple segments and thereby drive up your cost. 

Email Charges

Our system gets charged and thus passes those charges for each email on to our customers. This is standard in the industry, however, bizMelio works directly with the source email provider to get the very best pricing and will continue to provide the lowest prices available to our customers.

Email Charges Per Email Email Verification*

$0.00675 / email

$10 will give you about 1480 emails

$0.025 / Email Verification

$10 will give you about 400 Verified email addresses.

* Email Verification helps prevent your account from being shut down in the event you incur a bounce rate higher than 3% with your mailing list. You do not want to have your account shut down. It cannot be restored. SPAM laws are very strict, and cannot allow spammers to continue emailing via our servers. So, if you are unsure, utilize the email verification service; it will be cheaper in the end.